Based in the Houston Metro area, David W. Martin is a certified IT professional and vet tech journalist –he’s been covering the tech we love for a variety of publications and sites since 1983. He lead teamBYTE’s Apple coverage at the relaunch of that property in 2011, and now he’s working on some other projects to be announced soon (or taking a well deserved break).

David cut his teeth on the PET, writing in BASIC on that platform. He learned assembly language on the Commodore Vic 20, the Commodore 64 and the Digital Equipment Corp (DEC) VAX mini, which led him to several years of writing and testing NASA space shuttle software.

David, a well-known columnist and reviewer for such properties as CNET, Cult of Mac, BYTE and Mac|Life, loves to get email from Apple users solving thorny issues with their software or hardware. He has a deep knowledge and passion for all things Apple.

When David isn’t writing, you’ll find him spending time volunteering in his community, teaching or spending time with his Dachshund Zap, his rescued pound puppy Fern, friends or family.

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